Occupation: Comics Ambassador

Legal Status: Yep, I’m legal

Identity: Publicly known

Favorite Comic Book Characters: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, The Flash, ROM Spaceknight, Micronauts

Team Affiliation: Phantom Of The Attic (Monoreville), Secret Avengers (Saturday & Sunday only)

Base Of Operations: Phantom Of The Attic (Monroeville)

First Appearance: June 1972 (The Bronze Age)

Known Superpower: Able to prattle on incessantly about obscure horror & sci-fi films. (Editor’s Note: Tom is a veritable walking IMDB for these genres. Play “Stump Tom” on your next visit to Phantom!)

Known Weakness: Voids & Returns

History: Tom’s first exposure to the comics’ world was at approximately the ripe old age of 4 years old. Some of his earliest comic book memories were of Jack Kirby’s run on 2001: A Space Odyssesy, specifically issue #5 and Marvel Team-Up issue #65. The first store he remembers buying comics at was a small newsstand/convenience store called Parenti’s. The kids all called it “the green store” due to it’s green painted exterior. His love of comics only grew from there……and still continues to this day, only to be equaled by his obsession with horror/sci-fi and genre films.

Cool Top 5 Drive-In Double Bills:

1. Zombie/City Of The Living Dead (The Gates Of Hell)
2. Forbidden World/Galaxy Of Terror
3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/The Last House On The Left
4. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)/Godzilla vs. Megaguirus(2000)
5. Escape From New York/2019:After The Fall Of New York

Cool Top 5 Under-Appreciated Horror Films from the Golden 1980s:

1. Superstition
2. The Boogens
3. The Prowler
4. Without Warning
5. Razorback

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